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Coronavirus/COVID-19 ALERT

Taylor Management Company has been working to provide the most 
up-to-date information to the communities we serve regarding
re-opening in NJ. 

Taylor Management Company has developed a comprehensive checklist 

 to assist in reopening your community in the current environment.

Click here for more information.
One of the biggest questions raised by the coronavirus pandemic has been when and how (or even whether) to also reopen community association common areas and amenities. With many residents eager to return to normalcy and access clubhouses and other amenities, leadership must consider the legitimate safety concerns surrounding nonessential shared spaces, including clubhouses, pools, and gyms. Check out this enlightening Taylor Management Company webinar that brings together a panel of community association professionals, including Taylor President, Paul Santoriello, to discuss elements of concern, along with relevant information to assist association leadership in developing practices for reopening common areas while keeping safety and cleanliness front and center. WATCH THE WEBINAR ON DEMAND BY CLICKING ON THE LINK BELOW:

For the most reliable information concerning COVID-19, below are some resources to keep you updated:


ForCDC page specific to the coronavirus:
ForWHO page specific to coronavirus:
Additionally,information by the State of NJ’s Department of Health can be found at

                                                      Below is a link to a webinar Taylor Management hosted on June 11, 2020

                                    Click here for important information on New Jersey COVID-19 Outdoor Pool Standards

We will continue to provide information as we work together to work our way through this crisis for both our Taylor Family and the Families we serve.

Thank you for your continued support, and be safe and healthy.

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Interested in becoming part of the Taylor Management Team? Contact our Human Resources Department to find out about our exciting opportunities. We have Managerial,
Administrative and Maintenance positions throughout New Jersey.

Taylor Strives for Steady Growth

Find out why Taylor Management is the leader in Property Management in New Jersey. Paul Santoriello speaks about what it took and what it takes, to be a leader in this industry
with slow and steady growth. Starting in a one room office over 20 years ago, Paul led Taylor Management to now managing over 200 communities with excellence.

Board Member Education

Taylor hosted it's first Board Member Training Day in May of 2013. Keeping Board Members educated and excited about their role as a leader in their communities has become
an important focus for Taylor Management. A day of education and networking proves to benefit our Board Members and communities.


Why Taylor Management?

A Message from Paul Santoriello


In the past 16 years that TMC has been our Management Company, it has been my experience that they have always provided quick, well organized and professional responses to our needs with regard to issuance of work orders and attention to community related issues. The TMC personnel that I have dealt with over the years have always treated me as a friend and not just a client.
M. Saxe
Board Secretary
When I first interviewed Taylor Management, being a retired CPA, I was blown away with the excellence of thier back office accounting. In the three years our Association has been using them, I offer high praise for both their on-site and back office personnel and Management Team. I would definately recommend this company.
D. Bialick
Board President
Every Condo Association presents its own unique set of issues and where Taylor excels as a Management Company is in handling each and every situation with extreme professionalism and integrity. Another reason why we haved been so happy with Taylor Management is their exceptional accessibility. From the individual building manager all the way up to senior management, each person is only a phone call away.
K. Sitka
Board Member